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Impact Lab was founded in 2015 by Dr. Vittorio Grazioli with the aim of bringing the personalization of medicine wherever it was needed, through a network of global service focused on genetics, where genetics does not only mean doing laboratory tests but above all knowing how to interpret and use the results.

ImpactLab’s Vision

ImpactLab aims at building-up an international network of genetic services, covering most medical specialties, laboratory technologies and bio-informatic know-how, with the final goal of becoming an international leader in all major genetic markets.

As a leading healthcare partner, we are dedicated to
Medical Science and Research through:

Medical Expertise

Deliver personalized genetic counselling and medical advise


Highly skilled doctors & biologists combined with state of the art testing facilities


Dedicated to in-house R&D, driver of publications, studies and partner in R&D project

ImpactLab’s Ethics

ImpactLab’s culture is founded on a clear mission with commitment to be ethical in all your choices. We believe we must always select the most appropriate and scientific valid test and perform only relevant testing:  test only what is really needed, produce clear & understandable reporting at a fair price.

Help the patients and doctors understand what they really need and how genetics can support them

Scientific Committee

All decisions regarding the medical area are agreed with our scientific committee.

Compliance & Ethical Code of Conduct

Everyone in our group commits to be compliant with the Ethical Code of Conduct, laws and regulations.


All group companies are certified by external bodies for ISO, SIGUCERT or other relevant testing bodies.

Our Core Competencies

Reproduction Medicine & Infertility

The Impact Lab group provides the largest portfolio of diagnostic products for human reproduction, from preparation to in vitro fertilization to pregnancy surveillance; a team of medical geneticists is always available to accompany the doctor’s decisions

Oncology & Molecular Pathology

Impact Lab’s strength in the field of oncology lies in the combination of skills relevant to human pathology and genetics; the exams offered cover prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.


The exams offered by Impact Lab cover the prevention and diagnosis of myocardiopathies.


The entire spectrum of hereditary retinal diseases is covered by specific diagnostic panels.

Rare Diseases

For rare diseases, Impact Lab is a point of reference for pediatricians and child neuropsychiatrists, both for the laboratory and for the clinic through the specialists of GENET.


The Impact Lab group has always been focused on pharmacogenetics to help find the most suitable drug, minimizing risks for the patient and social costs.


The Impact Lab team dedicated to forensic genetics is often the protagonist of topical cases in the criminal field.

Milestones so far