Impact Lab acquires TOMA

Milan, 14 March 2019

The agreement to purchase 100% of Toma Advanced Biomedical Assays by ImpactLab was signed today. With headquarters in Milan and already owner of 100% of LAMM (Laboratorio Analisi Mediche Martini), Impact Lab is a company on the cutting edge of oncological genetics. Toma Advanced Biomedical Assays (“Toma”), with headquarters in Busto Arsizio, is global leader in the sectors of cytogenetics, molecular biology, prenatal diagnostics and the study and research of reproductive diseases.

The union of these two companies, both leaders in their respective sectors, will give rise to the largest and most important hub and research & genetics laboratory in Italy, creating a reference point at the international level.

The new group will immediately benefit from the synergies arising from the complementary nature of their products ranges and of their relative sales and logistics organisations.

The research activity will have access to the largest and most important prenatal cytogenetics diagnostics database.

The agreements made in the field of training will be strengthened, and current collaborations with Italian and foreign universities and schools of specialisation will be consolidated. Particular attention will also be given to Italian secondary schools. The agreement between the Italian National Order of Biologists, Toma and Daniele Crespi Secondary School in Busto Arsizio will be further developed as well.

The diagnostic and applied research activities of the new group and the collaborations with schools and universities will be conducted in the Toma building of Busto Arsizio, designated to become the group’smain headquarters.

Dr. Vittorio Grazioli, founder and Managing Director of Impact Lab, will take on the role of Managing Director of Toma.

Dr. Federico Maggi will continue in his role as Chairman of Toma and Prof. Giuseppe Simoni, world- renowned luminary in the field of prenatal diagnostics, will continue to hold the role of scientific and clinical director, alongside new colleagues who will assist him in this endeavour.

Dr. Grazioli comments on this important event: “Today marks a crucial step forward for the large international project launched by Impact Lab three years ago, to create the most important diagnosticscentre in Europe”.