For us, the term diagnosis means much more than the definition you can find  in a dictionary, it means:

  • to be at the cutting edge of technology, with the highest efficiency and a continuous control of the processes:
  • to be always able to answer properly to the growing demand of personalization in medicine;
  • to make available and simple the great complexity which characterises our work;
  • to act always as an inter-disciplinary team and therefore to be able to exploit the single skillness;
  • to do R&D in partnership with the more innovative university teams.

We are focused mainly on oncology and on medically assisted fertilization.

In the oncology field, we can assist you in the genetic risk assessment (i.e. BRAC  1-2), in anticipatory diagnosis (i.e. FISH of cervical cells), in response prediction (i.e. BRCA 1-2 in ovarian cancer), in prognosis assessment (i.e. ProsignaTM), in the follow-up (lung cancer liquid biopsy).

In medically assisted fertilization, we are able to assist you both in the screening phase, as an example running directly the NGS of the whole gene of Cystic Fibrosis, as well as in the follow-up (i.e. MaterniTTM GENOME) with the best of the state of the art of technology and the maximum of the efficiency.